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Social media templates

Our expertly currated IG Post and Story templates epitomises quality and uniqueness.

A collection of art prints

Art prints that inspire a perfect balance of contemporary design and natural feeling.

The destination for design

Arrive at Neoteric and discover the beauty of carefully curated Instagram templates, art prints and more for your unique journey on social media and at home.

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About us

If you love all things natural and organic we have the perfect place for you.

Neoteric gathers interior details, art prints, ceramics from different cultures into on place. We want to transmit values - empathy, peace and good, healthy energy.

As if already in the morning the first sunbeams invite you to relax on the fantastic terrace with saltwater pool, we want to invite you to find these visions in our shop, where we pick new, neoteric interior forms, details with texture of natural surfaces, rare and unique products and original art prints.

Everything is energy. And we invite you to have a clear view of yourself and your relationship with the world around you.